Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Big News & an Update

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Hello Hello my crafty friends! I wanted to stop by and apologize for the radio silence, lately. Its been a crazy few months, and is about to get crazier. 

My son was admitted to the hospital for a week each time, in both April & early May. The second admission resulted in surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. While its a routine surgery, the recovery is no joke & took nearly two weeks for my son, who has significant disabilities and cognitive delays that made it so he couldn't comprehend why it hurt all of a sudden to swallow or make noise or cough or sneeze, to get back to a place where he was comfortable and not constantly in distress. 

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While that was going on, we began house hunting--expecting a drawn out process--but we actually found a home in just 3 days--and we close on the house on June 24th. That means June will be a jumble of packing and cleaning and culling our current apartment so we can move in by July 1st and then unpack, organize, decorate and settle into our first house! 

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Although its overwhelming at the moment, its pretty awesome news, for us! What you don't know, is its actually great news for the blog, in the long run, too! One of my favorite things about the new house (of many) is that I will have my own dedicated craft room for the first time ever! 
(What the what?!?!) 
I've always been a bedroom/livingroom crafter in the past, but I will now have my own creative sanctuary to decorate, organize and furnish in a way that will work best for my creative style! It means I will probably be able to actually get set up to do live videos--and maybe some YouTube down the road. It also means I will have dedicated office space for my business, which will keep me more organized and on top of things. Finally, but definitely not least of all, it means I will be more excited to craft again, because I will have a space and set up that inspires me, and I am SO excited about that! 

What does this mean for the blog? Well, it means you can probably expect very little, if any, activity here until August. Because I currently craft in our living room, my stuff really has to be the first thing I pack, so we can clear up space to put boxes and stuff. That means I won't have access to my crafty goodies until I'm able to get my craft room set up, which has to wait until after the rest of the house is unpacked and settled--otherwise, let's face it, I'll procraftinate and it will never get done! Haha! So consider me on an extended working vacation, and I will see you all with freshly rekindled mojo in August!